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Name: Like Herding the Wind

By: Cindy Koepp

Date: 01/2016

Info: A Mystery. A wounded path. An alien society with centuries of work to coexistent with humans, but someone isn't happy with the progress made. Will the human-alien team find those responsible before another human dies? In the 1600s, an Eshuvani generation ship crash-landed in a farmer's field in Germany. Unable to find the resources on Earth to fix their ship, the Eshuvani built enclaves and tried to let the humans develop without interference.

Name: The Silliest Dragon

By: Brian Rathbone

Date: 07/2015

Info: Dragons for Kids Sometimes the silliest dragon gets in trouble. In this illustrated dragon book, kids learn that everyone is silly sometimes... Includes bonus coloring pages!


Name: The Alien Mind

By: V.L. Jennings

Date: 09/2014

Info: Rivi may be human, but she's lived away from Earth for more years than she lived on it—first as a prisoner of the Aruk, and then as an adopted child of the Aunantet, where she learned to use the full potential of her mind in a way she never could have back among humankind.


Name: Bad News

By: Robert John Pratt

Date: 09/2013

Info: What do you do when the top news anchor is a serial killer? You tune in and watch, "Bad News"
It's about a news anchorman in Charleston, South Carolina who is a serial killer. He is reporting on his own crimes and his viewing audience is lapping it up...


Name: The Outrageous Tales of Aunt Margaret


Date: 05/2012

Info: Come and meet Aunt Margaret as she is being introduced to her great-great nephews by their mother in a bedtime story. She promises that there are many more crazy stories of Aunt Margaret to share. In this tale, she rescues her nieces and nephew when a basement hockey game goes awry and a stray puck breaks a pipe!

Name: Pedro The Pelican


Date: 07/2011

Info: Pedro is a Pelican who looks like and acts much like all the other pelicans. Until one day when his fisherman friend becomes ill. Then Pedro becomes a pelican who makes a difference. Pedro teaches us through his selfless act of caring that how we respond to a situation can make a big difference. Enjoy the story of one pelican who made a decision to be different. We may be only one but we can make a difference to someone.

Name: Dog Gone Confused

By: Amanda Schaffer

Date: 12/2011

Info: Dog Gone Confused is a cute book filled with wonderful illustrations that bring the story to life.
Ty teaches us that you can be a member of the pack; no matter what others think. Just believe in yourself.



Name: Ed Elf

By: Matt Ostrom

Date: 10/2007




Name: King Mt. Road

By: Matt Ostrom

Date: 10/2007




Name: Venisa

By: Matt Ostrom

Date: 10/2007




Name: Ashlynn


Date: 09/2006









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